Wine Should Be a Pleasure

Many seasons go by during the lifetime of a batch of wine. Weather patterns and the mood of the grower all influence the grapes, as well as the taste of the wine that’s delivered to you in a bottle. The practice is ancient and it’s beautiful. We want to make your experiences with it more elegant and enjoyable.

From the winemaker’s hands to yours

Wine Valet connects you directly with boutique winemakers, enabling them to produce to their full potential. Making wine is a labour of love. We give growers the opportunity to experiment and make a bigger impact on people like you: the wine lovers whom they have always wanted to reach.

Find your perfect match

We don’t bring “the best” wine to you. We bring your own best wine to you. Everyone’s tastes are deeply personal. They are shaped by our own genetic makeup and experiences. Knowing that there is a little bit of science behind what we love, Wine Valet uses a touch of technology to learn about your palate and make personalised wine recommendations.

Never run out of wine you love

There are thousands of boutique winemakers throughout Australia, but it’s hard to source wines from them unless you can knock on their cellar door. We connect with this community of hidden gems and deliver their unique wines straight to your doorstep. Next time you want to open a new bottle, you will have beautiful wine right at your fingertips.